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Bryce Christianson from Alaska says, "The business training workshop is something you have got to do. It's a must for anybody in the industry. The course is exciting and motivating. Tony's level of energy makes it fun and entertaining."

Kevin Bonin, owner of Bonin's Lawn Service from Scott, LA attended the Tax Reduction and Business Automation Summit. Bonin says, "It was well worth the price of admission, great value. I will go back to my company and implement as many opportunities and ideas as we can."

Listen to Scott Callenius from Florida talk about what he learned about bidding on jobs at the Profit Builder workshop.

Damon and Marie Trejo attended the Tax Reduction and Business Automation Summit. They say, "We learned a lot of things, a lot of things we need to work on. Tony puts a great program together every time. If he invites more people like Mark Kohler again, I'll be at the next seminar. It was awesome!"

Jason Budinsky with Summit Landscapes says, "The Tax Reduction and Business Automation Summit was absolutely worth the money, you bet! It was a good investment for sure."

Bruce Miller on the Tax Reduction and Business Automation Summit, "Tony's seminar is very informative. Everybody should be here and visit this if they are in the contracting business. I got my money's worth, more than my money's worth. "

Philip Francis with A Kut Above Landscaping in Dayton, OH says, "Tony's presentation was better than I expected. I didn't have a great understanding on Business Automation prior to; this was probably the best one day event I have ever been to."

David Bower with Seven Oaks Landscaping and Hardscapes in Redwood, VA says, "Tony's program was great!. I never thought a CPA could hold my attention for 4 hours. Mark Kohler's presentation was a positive approach to tax management. It's usually a gripe and moan session. It's nice to see it be positive."

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