The 3 Part Client Attraction Campaign

Attracting high-paying lawn & landscape clients could make you a very wealthy landscaper. However, many business owners waste piles of cash on online ads and offline advertising.

But... wealthy landscapers understand exactly when they're going to get the BEST results with inbound AND outbound marketing. This system doesn't get old, works month after month, can be switched on when you need work, and switched off if your schedule is filled up. It's a simple and effective client attraction system.

Join me on this webinar. I'd like to show you how to master the art and science of attracting high-paying clients year round!

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • The 3 fundamental steps of marketing
  • How to know your marketing investment will give you a great return
  • The difference between inbound and outbound marketing and when to focus on each
  • How to make your website easier for prospective clients to find
  • The 10 questions you should be answering on your website
  • The power of online reviews and how to get more
  • How to find prospects who are 5x more likely to hire you
  • How to build route density, multiply profits by lowering input cost, and get more work where you want it
  • How to create a cash infusion from the hidden assets you already have sitting in your company right now
  • The quick and easy way to build a marketing campaign and attract the high-paying clients you deserve
  • And more.....