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Chuck Monico, owner of CM's Cut Above in Omaha, NE talks about Tax Reduction and Business Automation Summit, "Good program. Tony did a good job bringing together some guys with various levels of talent. It was inspiring. Great job."

Kyle Carlisle, owner of Carlisle Landscaping in Sikeston, MO was a presenter at Tax Reduction and Business Automation. Hear what he has to say, "It's very eye opening when you have to present numbers because they have to be factual numbers when sharing them with someone else. It's got to be content that someone wants to hear. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun."

Listen to Tony talk to Dave Tucker CEO of CLIP in Frederick, MD about CLIP's new Clip In The Cloud release. Dave says, "This new software will help the small guy." Tony says, "This is powerful information that will transform your business, check it out, ClipITC"

Jerry Parmenter with Elemental Landscapes in Voorheesville, NY on the Profit Builder workshop, "I think it's something people definitely have to do in order to get true value of their company. Having gone through it before, I was able to go back through and solidify some of my numbers and be able to plug it in to the estimating portion of it."

Tommy Smith with SCA Construction in Mableton, GA talks about Profit Builder workshop, "This is my second event at Profit Builder and the most valuable thing that I learned is...estimating."

Nick and Ursula Novellino, owners of CNE Grounds in Suffolk, VA say, "The best thing about Profit Builder is learning all the steps of putting a budget together."

Daniel McCurry with Father Nature Landscapes in Birmingham, AL on Profit Builder workshop. "It's an extremely valuable course that's cram packed into a 3 day course. The most valuable thing I learned was finding out what my growth sales had to be this coming up year. It's nice doing it with Tony and feeling confident that this hourly rate is going to cover all of my overhead and projected profit margin."

Chris Dunson owner of Pro-Cut Lawn Care in Carrollton, GA says, "Profit Builder is an absolute must. Learning how we can grow our business over the next few years is just phenomenal."

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