The Confident Landscaper Plan for 2024

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For lawn & landscape business owners that want to find more and better employees,
get more and better clients, and increase profits in 2024

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Will 2024 be your best year ever?

Will you find all of the employees you need?

Will you win enough work to keep your team busy?

But most importantly, will your company be more profitable in 2024 than any prior year?

Here’s what we know...

The only sustainable competitive advantage is to outlearn your competition.

We know finding employees, finding customers, and generating healthy profits requires HARD work. But what happens if you’re working HARD on the WRONG things?

A broken spirit...

If you work on the wrong things, you will lose confidence, guaranteed. We want to help you work on the RIGHT things... and GAIN CONFIDENCE!

We held this very special webinar training event so we can help you prepare for 2024.

Here are the topics we cover on this webinar:

  • Finding, Recruiting and Keeping Employees
  • Finding and Winning Highly Profitable Clients
  • Avoiding the 2 Biggest Pricing Mistakes

Watch the video and let's get started on making you a Confident Landscaper!

Talk soon,


About the Presenter

Tony Bass has been an entrepreneur since 1987. He is the Founder & CEO of Super Lawn Technologies, which provides lawn & landscape contractors with tools to increase productivity. Tony has written seven books, including co-authoring The E-Myth Landscape Contractor with Michael E. Gerber. He bases his counsel on 35 years of green industry experience, which includes founding, growing and selling his initially small landscaping business for a seven-figure profit. Tony is on a mission to teach 10,000 lawn & landscape business owners how to double profits in 12 to 24 months.