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7 Ways Video Can Help Sell Landscaping Services

According to data presented in a white paper from Cisco, video will represent 82% of all internet traffic by 2022.

The trend is simple: Consumers are spending more time watching videos on their computers and mobile devices — including when shopping for goods and services.

There is another reason small businesses should begin taking the video trend seriously.

In addition to being informative and entertaining, videos are also more likely to be shared.

“Social video in particular generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined,” says Marcus Sheridan, a successful contractor and digital marketing expert.

The trend toward online video consumption creates opportunity for landscaping and lawn care professionals to better market their companies. Contractors can use video to:

  • build brand awareness
  • increase lead generation
  • deepen consumer engagement
  • accelerate word of mouth
  • grow sales

Small businesses must become consistent video marketers

“The future of online content marketing is small businesses having the ability to create their own video content,” Sheridan says. “The good news is that you don’t need a huge production budget or skillset. In fact, landscape contractors can get started by simply shooting videos on their phones.”

Many small businesses, including landscape companies, have created “about us” videos. According to Sheridan, these are typically a waste of time and money because they do little to ignite a prospect’s interest in a company.

Rather, landscape contractors should direct their efforts toward videos that nudge the consumer through his or her buying process. Sheridan refers to these videos as the SELLING 7.

“When video marketing is integrated into your overall sales process, the results can be impressive,” Sheridan relates. “You want the prospective client to know your face and voice before meeting you. Video allows you to do that.”

The SELLING 7 of online video marketing

#1. The 80% Video – Think about the questions you hear over and over when speaking with clients. Create a video answering those questions.

While videos on social media should be on the shorter side, that is not always the case on YouTube or your own website.

“Some of the most-watched YouTube videos are in the 10-minute range,” Sheridan points out. “Your goal should be to thoroughly answer each question as concisely as possible.” In other words, don’t ramble on and on, but don’t leave out any important information either.

#2. Bio Video – While a general “about us” video typically isn’t effective, a shorter “bio video” that is integrated with an email signature often is.

Sheridan says a great tool to use is Contractors can create a thumbnail of the video — preferably showing the contractor talking — and link that thumbnail to a web page hosting the video. “Research shows that this approach is very effective at generating email click-throughs,” Sheridan points out. “Plus, it can help prevent your emails from getting caught up in spam filters.

#3. Service Pages – Create a video for each service you offer. Discuss who the service is designed for, the problem(s) the service solves, and how your company does a good job delivering the service. “You should also discuss who the service is not a good fit for,” Sheridan adds. “This helps build trust with the consumer while also screening leads for you.”

#4. Landing Pages – It’s important for landscape companies to create landing pages where consumers can fill out a form to request more information. It’s equally important to create short videos to be embedded on these landing pages.

“A video helps calm the consumer’s fears about filling out an online form,” Sheridan says. “Put the video next to the form with a clear title. For example, ‘See what will happen when you fill out this form.’”

According to Sheridan, videos like this can help increase conversions by 80%.

#5. Prices – Landscape contractors notoriously avoid talking about price. But today’s consumer wants to know about price much earlier in their buying process.

It’s a good idea to create a video specifically talking about the prices you charge and why you charge them. “You could make this part of your ‘80% Video’ that answers the typical consumer’s most frequent questions. But in my opinion, a video talking about price should really be a standalone video of roughly 5-7 minutes so you can be thorough,” Sheridan says.

#6. Customer Journey – Make a video that is all about the customer. Identify the problem they may have. Discuss the “journey” they will go on when learning about how you can help solve their problem, what you will actually do to solve their problem, and how much better off they will be when you solve the problem.

#7. Claims – Every company makes claims. So make a list of the claims you typically make. Then ask yourself if your competitors make the same claims. Zero-in on the claims that matter most to your customers, as well as those that help set you apart from your competition. Then ask yourself which of these claims lend themselves well to video.

“If you want your claims to be taken seriously, it’s very helpful to make them in a video,” Sheridan says. For instance, if you claim to be a more environmentally friendly company that uses battery-powered equipment, make a video showing employees operating that equipment. A video, through sight and sound, is an effective way to convey many of the advantages of using battery equipment.

And when it comes to marketing your landscape company in 2020 and beyond, effective videos that focus on the SELLING 7 will give you the advantage you need to blow past the competition.

Marcus Sheridan is author of the book, “They Ask, You Answer,” which helps small business owners understand the importance of content marketing and how to implement it. Sheridan developed this concept as a contractor himself. His swimming pool company was on the verge of bankruptcy following the 2008 economic crisis. Over the next several years, Sheridan built up his website to become a “selling” machine that attracted over 750,000 hits a month. Visit to learn more.

This article was adapted from a presentation Marcus Sheridan gave at the 2019 Wealthy Landscaper Summit hosted by Super Lawn Technologies.

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