Your Website - 5 Mistakes Found (& What To Do About It)

You might not like to hear about what I found. Frankly, nobody likes to make mistakes...especially when it costs big money...but that's exactly what my team & I discovered.

We looked at over 200 lawn and landscape company websites. We carefully analyzed each one for these 5 critical mistakes.

Please...don't get mad at me if your website was used during the webinar. My goal was not to embarrass you or any business owner. But somebody has to fix these problems if you want to grow your business the easy way using today's technology, automation and robotic systems.

Here's access to the recording. You will have to enter your email address when you view the recording...but it is FREE.

My gift to you!

I look forward to hearing from you...after you watch.

I don't plan on leaving this open access up but a few days.

So please...go ahead and watch the video. If you've arrived here and you don't have 88 minutes to invest in your education....then do this. Place the web address into your calendar and set an appointment with yourself to watch the entire presentation within the next three days. You'll learn more about websites and business automation in this 88 minute program than you've ever learned from your website company.

One last thing. 50 landscape business owners paid $797 to gain access to this information (and more) in a live workshop I held at the big GIE event. They were promised a 100% no questions asked refund if they did not learn more than their money's worth by lunch time.

Not a single person requested a refund.

I'll keep this available for just a few days.


Tony Bass

Founder, Super Lawn Technologies

PS - Interesting note. A dozen landscape business owners fired their website company after attending this webinar. They finally realized they had been sold a worthless product with absolutely no business automation or up-to-date marketing system.