Webinar and Report Reveal How to Overcome the Temptation to Think Like a Low Ball Landscaper


Hello, I'm Tony Bass and I'm here to talk about a very serious problem in landscape contracting today!

The problem is Low Ballers. The definition of a low baller is someone who offers super low prices, even below their costs, deliberately... yes... ON PURPOSE!

But, here's what I think. I think most low ballers don't actually realize that they are low ballers.


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I've met many contractors over my career... hundreds in fact. And I think that low balling contractors are making these mistakes by accident or by ignorance.

Either way, the result is the same. Low ball contractors don't make as much money as they want to or need to. And if you don't make enough money personally, your company will struggle to pay bills and vendors, and to find employees that will do good work because you are paying them a fair salary.

I've put together a webinar and a report: "How to Overcome the Temptation to Think Like a Low Ball Landscaper".

Just fill out the form to right and I'll send this webinar and report over to you. Find out if YOU are the low ball landscaper in your area... or if you are making one, two, three or maybe even more of the mistakes that low ball landscapers make.

This information will become a paid report and part of a training program priced at $997 very soon, so go ahead and get this information right now at no cost!

This information is not sales material... it is purely educational material to help you understand the 9 Mistakes that Low Ballers Make and What To Do About It.

I want to help to reduce the number of low ball landscapers that are running around out there making it harder for everyone else.

Go ahead and sign up for the information. We'll talk soon!