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Where REAL Industry Professionals Share Their Secrets to Beating the Competition!

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Dear Lawn and Landscape Business Owner,

Nothing beats winning.. Except winning year after year after year!

In the game of building a winning lawn and landscape company, there's a sure-fire formula that can boost your business to the very top in your community (if it's not there today ) and guarantees you stay on top...year after year after year!

Watch the video above and I'll explain the 3 secret strategies that help you beat the competition and stay on top year after year after year.

Make sure you grab a pen and paper to take some notes.

At this year's Lawn and Landscape Summit, we will be focused on unlocking these 3 secrets. The Growth Summit is Where REAL Industry Professionals Share Their Secrets to Recruiting and Hiring Top Talent, Building Multiple RECURRING Streams of Income, Selling Your Services, Saving TONS of Money on Commercial Insurance AND MORE!

✓ The Secrets to Beating Your Competition are Found HERE
✓ Discover What’s Working During the “What’s Working Challenge
✓ 6 Real World Experts Share Behind-the-Scenes Best Practices
✓ And (If You’re Just Starting Out) This is the BEST Way to Get a Jump on the Competition!

Exclusively for Owners of Lawn & Landscape Companies

You’ll be introduced to all of this content in just ONE DAY! The only advantage you can consistently keep over your competitors is to educate yourself and become an early adopter.

COME & DISCOVER the Winning Ways Lawn & Landscape Business Owners ALWAYS Stay Ahead of The Competition!

Look at the lineup of speakers below, and watch the videos, but get signed up today!

The companies that are the most successful are always committed to learning. This event is designed for owners of lawn, landscape, hardscape, irrigation and tree service companies. Bring your business partner, spouse, general manager, future leader, or growth minded team members. They can help you absorb the content and apply it in your company!

We are looking forward to having you join us at the Growth Summit!


*FREE GIE ticket offer expires October 6, 2017!


Tony Bass is the CEO of Super Lawn Technologies and Tony Bass Consulting. He is the host of the Growth Summit.  He works with lawn and landscape business owners who would like to double profits or double sales in 12 to 24 months.

Tony will be teaching the implementation principles of the Automating Hiring Machine at this year's Growth Summit. His techniques have been used by small, large, new and old companies to attract high quality talent while screening out the bad hires, leaving the good ones. Count on case studies and reviews from existing clients in this presentation.

Ben is the Founder and Owner at Native Land Design. He will be sharing the process he has used to transform Native Land Design from a primarily residential design-build contracting company to a commercial lawn maintenance organization with three locations in Texas. If you've ever wanted to learn about how to sell commercial lawn maintenance work, you should listen to Ben because he's been there and done that in a very big way.


Barrett Ersek has been in the lawn and landscape industry for many years and has been tremendously successful. He is now the Founder and CEO of Holganix, an organic fertilizer supply company. But he is helping people grow more than just green lawns.

Barrett's company is passionate about helping people grow healthier landscapes and lawns as well as more profitable and healthy businesses. He will be talking about how to use organic fertilizer applications to build a recurring revenue with high margins using the microbiology of healthy soil.

Barrett will also be talking about how to differentiate your business from the others out there. It's one thing to do a great job for your clients, and it's another to be able to market your unique product or service in your marketplace. He's going to introduce a concept called "The Purple Cow". Listen to the video as Barrett explains this concept. This is going to be a great session!


Jack Scherer is founder and president of SALESTALENT, a sales performance agency that focuses on three key areas: Targeted Sales Recruiting...Customized Sales Training programs...and Sales Strategy Playbooks.

If you've ever wanted to hire someone to help you with sales in your company, you should listen to Jack. He has decades of experience in selling a wide variety of products, and for over a decade he's been helping companies find, recruit and hire salespeople for a variety of organizations.

Over the last 12 years, Jack and his company have worked with many types of businesses--in Technology/IT, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, and many more. SALESTALENT delivers increased sales performance!!


Dr. Allen is Professor of Landscape Management at Brigham Young University. Students enrolled in this program are required to complete courses in horticulture as well as landscape design, construction and management. Students complete a business minor as part of their degree. Dr. Allen is also an active scientist, researching seed performance under adverse conditions. He has published 90 articles in books, journals and internet outlets. Dr. Allen served as the first faculty member on the Professional Landcare Network’s Board of Directors from 2008-2014.

Dr. Allen will be sharing how to recruit college students into your lawn and landscape company. You could be one key person away from taking your company to a new level. Improve your chances of recruiting college-educated team members by attending this training class. Learn from one of the country's top educators in landscaping on how to find and recruit students and set up an internship program.

Van Hoots is a commercial insurance broker. He has been working in the green industry for more than 30 years, and he is one of the greatest experts on insurance today.

Van will be talking about several mistakes companies are making in their insurance policies that are costing them thousands of dollars. Our review of over 300 commercial insurance policies for lawn & landscape companies has revealed serious mistakes in over 60% of those policies reviewed. The average mistake costs the business owner $3000 to $6000 per year in excess fees.

Van will help you to avoid overpaying on your insurance premiums by using a simple checklist, and will also help you to make sure you have proper coverage with no gaps in your policies. Additionally, Van will be teaching some of the language you'll need to manage your relationship with your insurance agents. This will be a very valuable session with Van!


Get inspired by the guest presentations of Tony's top students during the "What's Working Challenge".  Each company owner who participates shares step-by-step what they have done to dramatically improve profits, grow revenue or meet their personal goals.  The audience votes on the "What's Working Champion" with the winner getting $1000 in cash for the winning presentation.

Past "What's Working Challenge" Participants

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Wednesday October 18, 2017


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Register Me!(just me)
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